Why Choose Sand Play Therapy?

Sand Play Therapy dates back as early as 1920, when several Jungian analysts adapted sand play for all ages and populations. The effectiveness of Sand Play lies in the belief that the client is an expert on his or her own self; the client has the information s/he needs in order to resolve his/her struggle. That information was initially processed and stored, and thereby only accessible in full, at a multisensory, multidimensional level. Sand Tray reaches beyond
the verbal, cognitive and conscious into the vastness of human experience. Sand Tray is a forum within which the complex biological, psychological, and sociological components of a client's life can be accessed and addressed. It connects the physical, affective, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of self.

Sample Training Day Schedule

9:00 AM / Icebreaker Activity

9:20 AM / History and Theory of sand play therapy

10:00 AM / Sand play technique taught and demonstrated

10:45 AM / Sand play experiential program #1                

11:45 AM / Lunchtime Demo: Note Taking in sand play therapy

12:15 PM / Sand play experiential program #2

 1:15 PM / Group reconvenes; sand play debriefing

 1:45 PM / Sand play Q and A

Closing statements

Costs, refunds, and cancellation policies:

The total training cost for 2 training days is $475 per participant. Participants must commit to both training days in advance. Given that the group size will be limited to 8 trainees to ensure a quality learning experience, partial registration will not be accepted. 

The length of the course/educational activity in contact hours:

9.0 Hours/ 9 CEU Credits 

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